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Huayi (Jinhua) Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

HUAYI(jinhua) machinery equipment co., LTD. Is specialized in induction heating equipment development and manufacturing.Has 12 years of industry experience, in the scientific research personnel, advanced engineering, with advanced and reliable development ability.Leading products series IGBT parallel technology medium frequency heating equipment,IGBT superaudio frequency induction heating equipment,CNC numerical control quenching machine tool,closed cooling tower.Complete sets of quenching equipment, hot forging and melting equipment. Using Siemens IGBT, Italy Itelcond electronic import components,To high-frequency machines, high-frequency heating machine, high frequency quenching machine, high frequency welding machine, high frequency furnace, high frequency induction heating equipment, small, medium frequency melting furnace, IGBT medium frequency induction heating equipment .It include  high-frequency induction heating equipment series including 20 kw to 200 kw,    medium frequency induction heating equipment series 160 kw to 800 , superaudio frequency induction heating equipment series 60 kw to 200 kw , medium frequency melting furnace 25 kw to 1000 kw.

HUAYI device applied in the metal forging, induction brazing, induction hardening, induction annealing, metal smelting, conditioning, and other fields with reliable quality, excellent service has won the good reputation, and exported to USA,Australia Pakistan, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, southeast Asia ,kazakhstan, Algeria, Mexico, Bulgaria, Brazil, Indonesia, etc. HUAYI induction heating equipment to raise the level of safety, high efficiency production, improve the environment, energy saving aspects play an important role.

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